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Capacity reinforcement


Individual capacities

Classroom trainings and written guidance will be accompanied by extended periods of on the job trainings with WFP staff. The approach is based on the 70-20-10 principle and will culminate in a certificate for the particular role. New individuals will have to undergo the same certification system where the on the job training will be handled by certified BNGRC staff.


Organisational capacities

Strategies on where and how to source commodities, stock duration, which logistical services to keep in-house and which to contract will be formalised. Reporting and monitoring procedures will be revised.


Organisational capabilities

Standard Operating Procedures will be revised and rationalised to ensure that best practices are followed, Fleet management, Asset management and Stock management (please use following credentials; user=test ; pwd=test) are at the center of the operation for data quality and reliability ensuring realt-time access to available resources.